Pueblo reservoir

04/15/2020 - 04/26/2020

The All Eyes on Fishing "Go Get Em" series had 14 participants who battled for the biggest Walleye, Bass and the biggest 5 fish stringer of Walleye.  The participants battled from boat, kayak and shore for the honor of having the biggest fish (cumulative inches).  A night bite is huge at Pueblo Reservoir this time of year and Lindsey Smith took advantage of some night shore fishing to add to her wining numbers of fish.  A total of 75 Walleyes were submitted with the following results for the first "Go Get Em" digital tournament at Pueblo Reservoir.

  1. LINDSEY SMITH $133 1st Place Walleye Stringer of 5.  93 Inches 
  2. ALEX ROJAS $66 2nd Place Walleye Stringer of 5.  92 Inches 
  3. LINDSEY SMITH Largest Bass.  18.25 Inches
  4. LINDSEY SMITH Largest Walleye 19.25 Inches
  5. DENNIS MARTIN Wild Card

Lindsey Smith wins the first All eyes on fishing go get em tournament at Pueblo reservoir colorado

Lindsey Smith winner of the Pueblo "Go Get Em" with one of her many Walleyes.

Cherry Creek Reservoir

04/15/2020 - 04/26/2020

The "Go Get Em" tournament at Cherry Creek State Park boasted the most Walleyes with the biggest average fish.  Many posted 5 fish limits with several fish over 20 inches.  Unlike Pueblo Reservoir the Cherry Creek participants caught over 190 Walleye from boats and mostly trolling.  This tournament was a battle all the way to the end with several lead changes over the week.  Not only did Ryan win the biggest Walleye but he also was the first place winner!  

  1. RYAN BUCK  $161 1st Place Walleye Stringer of 5. 106.75 Inches
  2. RICH STEBBINS $80 2nd Place Walleye Stringer of 5.  103 Inches
  3. RYAN BUCK Largest Walleye.  25.5 Inches 

Ryan Buck with a 24 inch Walleye from the all eyes on fishing go get em walleye tournament

Ryan Buck with his 24.5 inch biggest Walleye from Cherry Creek.

North Sterling Reservoir

04/15/2020 - 04/26/2020

North Sterling Reservoir came down to a battle between Guy Thompson and Brett Rye.  These two friends watched each other on the live leader board post one fish after another and the lead would change hands several times.  North Sterling boasted a healthy 35 fish verified between 4 participants.  

  1. GUY THOMPSON $57 1st Place Walleye Stringer of 5.  95.5 Inches
  2. BRETT RYE $28 2nd Place Walleye Stringer of 5.  92.25 Inches
  3. GUY THOMPSON Largest Walleye.  20 Inches
  4. BRETT RYE  Wild Card

Guy Thompson at North Sterling state park with the win in biggest stringer of walleye for Go Get Em

Guy Thompson sneaks out the win at North Sterling with some nice Walleye.

chatfield reservoir


Congratulations to Cody Lawhorn for his 1st place finish and this big Eye!  Cody rocked it again and swept the money.  

  1. Cody Lawhorn $71.00
  2. Cody Lawhorn  Largest Walleye $20 Bass Pro Gift Card 


Boyd Lake


John Falk was one of two participants in our first Go Get Em in Northern Colorado and he clenched the win with two fish and he also got big fish.  John is a new Colorado resident and is jumping into the Walleye fishing with both feet.  Good job John.

  1. John Falk  $28.00
  2. John Falk  Largest Walleye $20.00 Bass Pro Gift Card


Jumbo Reservoir



Jumbo lived up to it's name when it came to the big fish submitted.  Guy Thompson put in some time and walked away with the win and this 30 inch monster!  Jumbo is also the location of the next CWT tournament.  Boe Kampbell competed in his first Go Get Em and found 2nd place to his liking.  Great job guys.

  1. Guy Thompson $95.00 
  2. Boe Kampbell  $47.00
  3. Guy Thompso  Largest Walleye $20 Bass Pro Gift Card

Lake Pueblo (Bass)



This was a great set of days filled with many great fish submitted by a group of kids swinging for the fences.  It was awesome to see the next generation of anglers catching big Bass and competing.  Great job by Andrew Plutt who won 1st place and submitted this 18+ inch Smallie for the big fish win.  

  1. Andrew Plutt  $71.00
  2. Andrew Plutt  Largest Bass $20 Bass Pro Gift Card

Cherry Creek Reservoir


Cherry Creek did not disappoint yielding many good fish and a 28 inch pig caught by our returning champion and still undefeated Go Get Em Cherry Creek champ Ryan Buck.  Donald Broeren may know Cherry Creek as well anyone and made a run at the champ but fell a little short and came in second.  

  1. Ryan Buck  $76.00
  2. Donald Broeren  $38.00
  3. Ryan Buck  Largest Walleye $20 Bass Pro Gift Card  

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