Once the sun goes down it’s a different story. Fishing in the dark is the time that you will have a better chance to get one of those big girls.

BIG BITE March 2017

This months big bite pictures sent by YOU the readers!  Send us your BIG BITE pictures and we will show the world! This Northern Monster came from Inkd Out!  This big Pike wanted a piece of anything...the net will do!  Nice fish! Elaine Supp shows she is the ice queen with this nice Northern Pike.  Elaine sent... Continue Reading →

Spring is here and I'm getting ready to go pitch crank baits up on the dam for those early season night walleye or smallmouth. I know I will be fishing the rocks so I'm trying my best to figure out what fishing line I should spool on...


  By:  Linda Qualley Dear Fishermen, Just a quick note to thank you for everything.  Fishing and your love of the sport has really changed the way I envisioned my life and our lives together. First, I wanted to thank you for the refrigerator full of fish.  And the freezer full of frozen bags of... Continue Reading →

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